Initially all teams receive a Business Challenge Pack containing everything necessary to begin making decisions. The contest has a number of interface options, including web based, where either participating teams will have password access to view and enter their own decisions and results, or the administrator will enter the team’s decisions for them and print the results.

After all teams have entered a decision for the corresponding period, the Business Challenge administrator will process the contest. Approximately 1 – 2 hours after all decisions have been entered, the results for the period will be made available.

Depending upon the number of participants and the duration of the Challenge, at least one administrator would normally be present for an introductory session and first decision. This ensures that any questions can be answered in a timely fashion and that the best learning can be achieved out of running the Challenge. It is also possible to have a briefing session prior to running the Challenge to ensure that participants know well in advance, what the requirements are and can prepare accordingly.