Each team is expected to meet as the management group of their company and by developing a plan, make a variety of business decisions for the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the company’s products. The teams are provided with the complete information (including opening scenario, manual, economic conditions) well in advance of the first decision to ensure that they can become familiar with the material and the kinds of decisions that they will be making. The decisions made include:

  • Pricing: Set the price for each of the (up to seven) markets that you operate in.
  • Production: Choose what level of production you require to fulfil your orders and whether your current capacity will suffice throughout the remainder of the contest.
  • Marketing & PR: Set your marketing spend in each market.
  • Warehousing: Decide whether you have enough warehouse space after you’ve delivered your orders. Do you have the warehouses in the right markets?
  • Transportation: Do you have the correct number of trucks to deliver your orders. Couriers are an expensive option.
  • Cashflow Management: Like the real world, do you have the cash to make the decisions you want to make?
  • Creditors/Debtors: Will you allow others to pay you on credit or do you require cash up front?
  • Finance & Investments: If you’ve got extra money, what investments are you going to make? Long term or short term?